Phoenix Rising Book One:

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The Sorracchi are gone, and Earth struggles to recover from apocalyptic consequences, but enemies hide in plain sight and sometimes wear two faces. 

John Smith has two faces: a soldier and an ambassador of peace. Jenifer Of No Last Name has two faces: the soldier and the forgotten person she once was. Too many people hide behind masks, and it's those hiding who want John dead.

Phoenix Rising Book Two:

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The Triadic was created by the Sorracchi to be their ultimate weapon, soldiers trained to kill and take orders without question. The extent of their abilities are still unknown. But the Sorracchi failed. 

Alpha, Beta, and Omega have been in stasis for nearly a decade for their insubordination. Now, they have been freed by the Humans and must find their way in the word.. 

Phoenix Rising Book Three:

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Lieutenant Commander Connor Montgomery's trust in his own judgment is gone, wiped out with the betrayal of the one person he trusted above all others. His failure nearly cost everyone he cares for more than they can stand to lose. He has to find a way to redeem himself.

In the hours and days following the war, the Sorracchi hid and fled however they could -- stealing new husks to hid behind unknown faces. Evelyn woke as an 'Emancipated', with no memory of the last year. When the memories come, she is sickened by them. She must face the travesties her hands performed, and try to gain the trust of a man with no trust left.

Phoenix Rising Book Four:

Coming Soon

​In 2011, David Forte was an agent with Homeland Security on an assignment to investigate the claims of our benefactors from the stars. Even then, not everyone was as quick as the president to accept their hand of peace and their promise of a bright future. David Forte never came home.

He awoke in 2054 in a broken body and to a world drastically different than anything he could
 have ever imagined. Everything he once knew is gone. It has taken months for him to regain some of his body, and now he must regain a life.

The war to overflow the Sorracchi may be over, but the threat to mankind is far from passed.

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