Phoenix -- A Future Far Too Possible

In the early years of the 21st Century, a race of aliens who call themselves The Areth come to Earth. They look like us. They speak like us. On a biological level, they are us.

They claim to be our ancestors, our brethren, and they promise the human race ultimate Utopia. They will cure our disease, wipe out poverty, and provide us with scientific advances we have only begun to imagine. 

And Earth falls for it... hook... line... and sinker.

But there are a handful of humans who don't believe the Areth's Utopian claims. They form The Phoenix Rebellion, a slowly growing group of dissidents determined to find the truth and expose the Areth for what they truly are - whatever it may be.

Now, nearly fifty years later, Phoenix is a massive global organization with operatives in every part of society; from medicine to science to government. They're close to the truth, so close the Areth want them stopped. 

The Phoenix Rebellion series tells the story of those men and women who have fought to free our world from the Areth. They live and die for the cause... and in the end, no one knows if it will ever be enough.

Phoenix Rising picks up a year after The Phoenix Rebellion Book Four: End Game stops. The battle may have been won -- temporarily -- but the war is far from over. Earth is a shadow of what it had once been. Familiar faces still battle on, while new heroes join the fight.