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Gail R. Delaney is an award winning, critically acclaimed romance author writing in the genres of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and most well known, the growing genre of speculative fiction romance. Her work has been described as "breathtaking", "heart wrenching" and an "automatic read" by many fans. 

Believing the key to a memorable read is creating characters who live and breathe for the reader, Gail seeks to write stories that will stay with you long after you've reached the end of the novel... no matter the setting, time frame or storyline. 

Come and take a journey with a novel by Gail R. Delaney.
 The Empty Chair

​Four generations past, Sherlock Holmes and Charles Augustus Howell were enemies. Their story was played out in the novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a story believed to be complete fiction until recently.

But every bit of it was true, if not for the occasional touch of author creative license, and while both Sherlock and Charles Augustus have been dead for decades, the hatred on the part of the Howell family has remained... and now plays out in a game of revenge between Langdon Howell and MI6 Officer Grayson Oliver Sherlock Holmes. Howell has twisted truths, taken lives, and machinated outcomes with the ultimate goal of finding retribution. His games in Boston turned on him, and rather than breaking Grayson... Grayson found something better. Love. With Kipling Branson.

Life is never "normal" for an officer of the SIS, which is why many officers reject the idea of a family. In the months since the death of his cousin, a man closer to him than a brother, Grayson has found himself wishing more for normal and less for the solitary, sometimes heartbreaking life of an officer. With Kipling, he might have a chance.

But the game isn't over. What should have been a peaceful holiday for Kipling spent learning to share a life and a common space with Grayson, turns into yet another life or death series of riddles... with Grayson's life the final prize.