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Gail R. Delaney is an award winning, critically acclaimed romance author writing in the genres of contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and most well known, the growing genre of speculative fiction romance. Her work has been described as "breathtaking", "heart wrenching" and an "automatic read" by many fans. 

Believing the key to a memorable read is creating characters who live and breathe for the reader, Gail seeks to write stories that will stay with you long after you've reached the end of the novel... no matter the setting, time frame or storyline. 

Come and take a journey with a novel by Gail R. Delaney.
The Phoenix Saga continues

Phoenix Rising Book One: Janus

The Triadic was created to be super-soldiers, mindless, emotionless, A-moral killing machines -- but something went wrong. Compassion, affection, and curiosity are born in the human psyche and cannot be denied. But, it can be punished. The Triadic were placed in stasis, and when they wakethey find themselves in an unknown place, at an unknown time, in the hands of friends... or enemies... they don't know which; and until they do they will do whatever they believe necessary to assure they serve no master but themselves ever again.

Before the War Katrina Bauer hid her intelligence and her skills to avoid the seeking eyes of the enemy. Now in Alexandria, working with men like Victor, Michael Tanner, and an elite scientific team reporting directly to President Nicholas Tanner, she and her brother Karl have found purpose and a sort of family.

In the dead of night she is snatched away and now must find a way to teach three powerful, frightening men they no longer need to live as slaves. The leader, the soldier, and the balance. They are lynchpins to each other. As their personalities are allowed to emerge, one will grow to be a man Katrina no longer fears, but might even love.