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Contemporary Romance 

Something Better ePub 2024.jpg
Something Better

Andrea Parker made a career out of romance, except the only romance in her life was the kind between the pages of a book; a now on the big screen when her best selling novels are adapted to film.

David Bishop's face -- and okay, yeah, much of his body -- is known worldwide as the Hottest Bachelor in Hollywood. But just like the rest of the world, he is smitten with the brilliant and talented Andi Parker. Little does he know the easy part will be convincing her to give him a chance.

Andi is ready to believe there might be something better waiting for her, then enters the 'dastardly bastardly' villain to screw up their potential Happily Ever After.

Feel My Love ePub 2024.jpg
Feel My Love

Missy Colton still loves the husband she lost, and she sees him every time she looks into the faces of their four sons. Two years after Daniel's death, she moves her boys back to Oklahoma; her only plan to make a good life for her sons.

Lee Henry has only been home in Indian Prairie for a couple weeks, and is settling back into civilian life after several years serving in the Middle East. He has plans of taking over the family business and diving back into his love of country music by performing at the local bar a couple times a week.

A chance meeting before the blind date hook-up neither one of them knew about leads to a breathtaking romance that surprises both Missy and Lee. Missy can't understand why a young man like Lee Henry would have the slightest interest in a thirty-something widow with four children, and Lee commits himself to convincing her age is just a number, and he's not just a country boy looking for a good time. Suddenly, "forever" sounds perfect.

Not everyone is thrilled with their apparent love-at-first-sight, the most vocal being Thayne Bingham, Missy's little brother. Will his anger and unmitigated disapproval of their affair be enough to drive them completely apart, or will Lee convince Missy to take a chance on a country boy who loves her -- and her sons -- with all he is?

Feel My Love is a fictionalized retelling in a contemporary setting based on the whirlwind love affair and marriage of the author's parents in 1969.

Precious Things ePub 2024.jpg
Precious Things

Benjamin Prescott Roth is his own man. Everything he has -- possessions, wealth, prestige, recognition for his accomplishments -- he earned. On his own. His deafness never defined him, but his father's rejection did.

"You'll never amount to anything..."

Every accomplishment has been to prove his father wrong.

Then a redheaded beauty puts him in his place, and Benjamin Roth is a lost man. Jewell is breathtaking, feisty, intelligent, independent, and so much more than an assistant to him. She is everything Benjamin needs, but never knew he wanted. She gets past his walls without even trying. She makes him happy.

But the fantasy can only last so long. When the foundation of his life crumbles, Jewell is there. Holding his hand. If his life is a lie, if every battle has been for nothing, if he can't accept who he really is, how can she? When the truth is a lie, what is there to offer her?

Fools Rush In ePub 2024.jpg
Fools Rush In - A Novella

"Because it's hard to talk when your heart is pounding and your palms are sweating and you are almost positive you just walked into your future."

Despite all personal evidence to the contrary, Daniel Marsden believed not only in the forever kind of love, but in the possibility of love at first sight. All you have to be is open to the possibility when it walks through your door. What's a hopeless romantic born and raised in Vegas to do but own the First, Last, Everything Wedding Chapel. He facilitated love every day, but had yet to find that forever feeling for himself.

Despite the evidence in her own family that the exciting, forever kind of love not only existed but could happen at a glance, Tessa Spalaris has given up on feeling that instant, unmistakable, undeniable truth. She wants a certain kind of future, and she thought she was willing to compromise and accept one form of love offered when another was all she wanted.

Two people who would never have met under any remotely normal circumstances have to decide, each for themselves, to stay safe or take the leap.

The song said fools rush in, but what if the fool is the one who walks away?

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