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Future Possible: Phoenix Rising


It has barely been a year since the battle for Earth - known simply as The War. Mankind took back our world from invaders who wanted to make us slaves, shells to be manipulated, replicated, and used. Earth has been left damaged and torn, with nearly 80% of the population killed in the months leading to and during the battle to end all battles. We are practically extinct as a race.


Now, Mankind has begun the job of rebuilding. 


Our knowledge of the galaxy has grown beyond the limits of our own system and we now have strong allies in the Defense Alliance, a coalition of advanced planets who welcome Earth into their ranks. 


That doesn't mean Earth isn't a target. We made enemies when we fought back, and those enemies -- the Sorracchi - intend to exact their revenge. Within our own race of Mankind are Separatists who want to remain apart from all alien influence, and the Xenos, Earth-grown terrorists who want nothing to do with anyone or anything they don't define as Human. They have no qualms with killing and destroying to make their point.


The newly appointed World President has a full plate, as do all those people he has surrounded himself with. Another fight is coming... who will prevail?

Janus ePub 2024.jpg
Book One: Janus

It's been a year since Humanity rose up against their alien oppressors and took back Earth from the Sorracchi. The war left Earth devastated, crippled, but not beaten. Under the leadership of President Nick Tanner and in collaboration with their new Areth and Umani allies, the Earth seeks stable ground again.


John Smith of the Areth was a soldier before his queen asked him to serve as ambassador to Earth, and is out of his element. Restricted in his position from carrying a weapon, he has no way of defending himself or his adopted son when the Xenos -- a group of Humans wishing to purge the Earth of all alien influence -- decide they want him dead.


Jenifer is a soldier for hire, and answers to no one but her own common sense. She first refused the "job" of serving as John's bodyguard, but a glimpse at the heart of the man convinces her to accept the responsibility.


John has two faces: a soldier and an ambassador of peace. Jenifer has two faces: the steel-skinned warrior and the forgotten person she once was. Too many people hide behind masks, and it's those hiding who want John dead.

Triad ePub 2024.jpg
Book Two: Triad

Alpha. Beta. Omega. The Triadic.


They were created by the sickest, most twisted mind of all the Sorracchi to be super-soldiers, mindless, emotionless, A-moral killing machines – but something went wrong. Compassion, affection, and curiosity are born in the human psyche and if it is strong enough it cannot be denied. But it can be punished. The Triadic were placed in stasis for nearly a decade until their "teacher" could figure out how to fix them and strip them of their human hearts.


Before the War Katrina Bauer had spent her life tucked away from the world, hiding her intelligence and her skills to avoid the seeking eyes of the enemy. Now in Alexandria, working with men like Victor, Michael Tanner, and an elite scientific team reporting directly to President Nicholas Tanner, she and her brother Karl have found purpose and a sort of family.


In the dead of night she is snatched away and now must find a way to teach three powerful, frightening men they no longer need to live as slaves. The leader, the soldier, and the balance. They are lynchpins to each other. As their personalities are allowed to emerge, one will grow to be a man Katrina no longer fears, but might even love.

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Book Three: Stasis

Lieutenant Commander Connor Montgomery's trust in his own judgment is gone, wiped out with the betrayal by the one person he trusted above all others. His failure to see the wolf in their midst has cost the people he loves more than they can afford to lose. His niece Nicole has been taken by the Xenos, by order of the most heinous and evil leaders of the Sorracchi race, and Connor will do whatever it takes to find her and bring her home safe.


In the hours and days following the war, the Sorracchi hid and fled however they could, including snatching people out of their lives to create new husks and hide behind unknown faces. Evelyn woke in a world she didn't recognize, and no memory of the last year beyond her name. They call her an "Emancipated", a human freed from the possession of a Sorracchi conscience, but the people in charge of her care will tell her little else.


When the memories come, they are dark and sickening, and she can only pray they are not her own. To save the life of a stolen child, Evelyn must face the crimes her hands committed and gain the trust of a man with no trust left. Not even for himself.

Liber ePub 2024.jpg

Book Four: Liber -

In 2011, David Forte was a divorced father, a military veteran, and an agent for the newly established HomeWorld Security Division in the wake of First Contact with an alien race. While on assignment to investigate concerns held by his superiors… David disappeared. His family never knew the truth.

In 2054, David is yanked from a failing stasis pod and wakes in a broken, tumultuous society more like a bad SciFi movie. Everything and everyone he knew has been destroyed or is missing. His body is broken and he must fight to not only regain his strength but regain his place in a post-war world completely foreign to him. He has lost so much, and gained at the same time. He needs to find his place, and he needs to know the fate of his family.

In finding lost family, he finds a new chance. Lucy Santos helps heal his body, his heart, and his soul.

Mankind reclaimed their world once, and will be called to defend it again. They are not alone. The Defense Alliance will stand with them. The Sorracchi are not alone either. They bring with them the most brutal and bloodthirsty race in known space. The key to survival sets heavy on a man who is quite literally out of time and is desperate to find the answers.

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