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Future Possible: The Phoenix Rebellion


In the early years of the 21st Century, a race of aliens make First Contact with the governments of Earth with claims of being our ancestors and they want to be our benefactors. They look Human in all aspects. They speak our languages. On every biological level, they are us. They make promises of Utopia on Earth, to cure our diseases, to wipe out poverty and inequality, and to share with us scientific advancements we haven't begun to imagine. 


Desperate for a better world, a better life, we fall for it. 


There is a small portion of Earth's people who don't believe the promises of perfection. They are Phoenix, a dissident group of rebels determined to find the truth and expose the alien benefactors for who they truly are. Whatever that truth may be.


Now, mid 21st Century, Phoenix is a global organization with operatives in every part of society from medicine to government to science. They are close now to the truth. So close, the visitors from the stars want them stopped.

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Book One: Revolution

Decades have passed since first contact with Earth's 'alien benefactors,' and the Areth have infiltrated every part of Earth society: government, medicine, all levels of science, even religion. Earth and Humanity have been irrevocably changed. Some say the Areth are our salvation, others say they are our doom. Phoenix works in secret as a global rebellion to seek out and bring to light the truth behind their Utopian claims.

Retired Earth Force Colonel Nicholas Tanner doesn't care. He gave up caring years ago. More than once the Areth have cost him everything he holds dear. His wife. His son. A second chance at a life worth living, and they destroyed it. They could rot in hell as far as he was concerned.

Then Dr. Caitlin Montgomery, the woman he has never been able to forget, finds him in his solitude and, with two short sentences, changes everything.

His name is Michael Tanner. Your son.

His son Michael – the child he was told died at birth twenty-five years before – is alive, a prisoner of those thought to be Earth's future, and needs him. Nick will do whatever it takes to bring Michael home. He'll join the cause. He'll fight the fight. He'll lay down his life if that's what it takes. Even if it seems impossible.

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Gaining Ground ePub 2024.jpg
Book Two: Outcasts

Something dark and sinister haunts Victor's thoughts, threatening to steal his sanity. Turning his own mind against him. He doesn't understand it, has no true name for it. He only knows the malicious darkness in his mind he calls his demon wants him dead for his treachery in helping the Humans. Now, Victor is at the mercy of Phoenix and their mission to be free of the very enemy Victor represents. Only in the empathic presence of Beverly Surimoto does he find some fraction of peace. She silences the demon . . . most of the time.

Beverly Surimoto was born to, raised, and educated in the world of Phoenix as the child of some of the first founders of the rebellion group. To be associated so closely with the enemy could undermine her authority and perhaps everything Phoenix has built, but she senses deception like some smell flowers. There is no deception in Victor, only confusion and fear. Phoenix exists to end fear and find the truth, so how can she deny him safe haven even when he wears the name of the enemy?

The mask is ripped away, the face of the enemy is revealed, and Earth is plunged into a war it isn't prepared to fight… and unequipped to win. There may be allies somewhere far beyond the edge of Earth's system, but will the messenger sent to find help survive the voyage? There is no way to know who will be found: allies, or even worse enemies.

Book Three: Gaining Ground

Doctor Lilly Quinn was left a widow when her husband died on the mission that brought Michael Tanner home. The mission that set into motion the revelation of the Areth's true face. She had to reconcile herself with raising their baby alone.

A miracle brought Jace back . . . at least his body, though weak and brutalized. His heart, his mind, is still trapped somewhere in the darkness of an enemy cell where he was left to die. He has no memory of who he is, what Phoenix represents, or why he went AWOL from Earth Force to join. He doesn't remember what his mission was the night he was captured, where he has been, and worst of all he has no memory of his wife.

Somehow Lilly has to find a way to knock down the walls holding Jace back from remembering his life. His purpose. And her. She knows it's selfish, but she needs him to remember her.

All the while their oppressors are on the hunt . . . led by one of the most heinous minds of their race, and they want revenge because Phoenix dared defy them. The enemy is at the gate, and it is time for Phoenix to prepare for battle. Revelations, mind-boggling truths, and surprise allies clash together to set Earth on the road to destruction or salvation. No one knows what is to come.

End Game ePub 2024.jpg

Book Four: End Game

Colonel Nick Tanner set out months ago in search of the Umani, possibly Earth's only hope for salvation. Finding them brought revelations he struggles to accept, and now he's on his way home. Earth isn’t the same. Not by a long shot. Lies beget more lies in his absence, until the truth is almost too extreme to believe.

Michael Tanner has struggled since his rescue to find his place in his new world. He questions his past, his existence, and the man he will be. Logically, he understands he is free to think, speak, and do whatever he chooses, and to learn. He has found a family. Every day is a stark juxtaposition to the first twenty-five years of his existence.

Jacqueline Anderson is a soldier, raised with a hatred for the Areth. Her father questioned the lies from the beginning, and before his death, asked Phoenix to protect her. They taught her how to protect herself. She challenges Michael, moves him, and confuses him. She wants more from him than he knows how to give. She wants to understand the haunting shadows behind his eyes… and the scars that mark his body.

The battle to survive comes to a crescendo, and Michael will finally discover the man he is meant to be. The enemy is now clear, and there is no turning back. It's time to take back Earth. There is no other choice.

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