Fools Rush In - A Novella

"Because it's hard to talk when your heart is pounding and your palms are sweating and you are almost positive you just walked into your future."

Despite all personal evidence to the contrary, Daniel Marsden believed not only in the forever kind of love, but in the possibility of love at first sight. All you have to be is open to the possibility when it walks through your door. What's a hopeless romantic born and raised in Vegas to do but own the First, Last, Everything Wedding Chapel. He facilitated love every day, but had yet to find that forever feeling for himself.

Despite the evidence in her own family that the exciting, forever kind of love not only existed but could happen at a glance, Tessa Spalaris has given up on feeling that instant, unmistakable, undeniable truth. She wants a certain kind of future, and she thought she was willing to compromise and accept one form of love offered when another was all she wanted.

Two people who would never have met under any remotely normal circumstances have to decide, each for themselves, to stay safe or take the leap.

The song said fools rush in, but what if the fool is the one who walks away?

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