Baker Street Legacy Book One My Dear Bra
Baker Street Legacy Book Two The Empty C

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were completely fictional characters dreamed up in the mind of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Or so the world was led to believe. Holmes and Watson were real. 221B Baker Street is real. The beekeeping cottage is real. They lived lives. They had families. 

And their enemies were real.

Now, in the 21st Century the great grandson of Sherlock Holmes lives in the shadow of his famous and once unreal ancestor. Grayson Oliver Sherlock Holmes has a mind like his great grandfather; a mind that sees the gossamer threads connecting details and facts to create a greater picture. 

Every detective has a doctor, and once again, the unconventional is far more intriguing than the legend. 

Baker Street Legacy Books One and Two Available Now!!!

This book is a MUST READ...This may well be my favorite book of all time...  one of those rare books for which a five heart rating seems sadly inadequate.

TRS - 5 Stars

"This book... Janus just blew me away. I mean, the first series was good. Really really good... some of the best sci fi rom on the market, as far as I'm concerned... but it only paved the way for the amazing storytelling that is this new series. "

Reader Review

"I promise you, this story will grab hold of you and not let go, until you're crying, worrying, and cheering right along Kip and Grayson".

Esther Mitchell, Author