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Tisdale headed down the hall, motioning toward a wide pocket door entry to what David would peg as a front parlor in its original state, but as they approached it was obvious the space was now used as an infirmary. Running from the front of the house to the back, and a good twenty feet wide, the room was bright with sunshine from large windows on the three exterior walls. A dozen single size, mismatched beds and cots filled the room, along with rolling carts, and three of the beds were occupied. From somewhere in the house beyond the area they could see came the slap of a wooden screen door.

“I suppose it’s obvious, but this is our infirmary. We are lucky to have two trained physicians in the community, and many gentle hands willing to help.”


“Scouting for new volunteers, Rev?”


The low female voice came from behind the group, and David caught the uptick of Trevor’s grin before they turned toward the sound. Coming through the kitchen beyond the hallway walked a stunning woman with thick, waved chestnut hair draping her shoulders, clipped back enough to stay off her morena-brown forehead. Her figure was suck-all-air-out-of-the-room shaped, her features full, feminine, and her smile was a solid punch in the middle of David’s chest.


Damn . . .


With her was a second woman shorter and more petite of frame, except for the rounding of her belly that said she was at least six or seven months along if David remembered Kelly’s pregnancies right, and darker of skin with her tight curls trimmed tight to her skull with a bright scarf wrapped like a headband over the top of her head and behind her ears to fall down her back like waves.


“I would say speak of the devil, but these are two of our angels,” Trevor said, a teasing softness in his tone. Since the rest of the military group had been to Unity Valley before, Trevor turned his attention to David while reaching out to the soon-to-be mom, who crossed the space to them. “Colonel Forte, I’m happy to introduce you to my wife Molly and her longest and dearest friend Lucy Santos,” Trevor said in way of introduction.


David stepped past Connor, making sure to bump him with his shoulder as he did and ignoring Connor’s grumblings, and extended his hand to Molly Tisdale. “Happy to meet you, ma’am.” He somehow managed to swallow the lump in his throat when he looked directly at the angel Trevor said was Lucy, extending his hand to her as well. “Ma’am.”


She had a way of smiling that never parted her lips but gave expression to her whole face, especially when she arched a single eyebrow. “Welcome to Unity Valley, Colonel.”

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