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Future Possible: Kingdom Come


Throughout this part of the Galaxy, far separated from where the stories say was home, a race descended from Mankind is in a fight for freedom once again. 

The tales told to children speak of a far away planet called Earth that once fought the oppressor Sorracchi and won, pushing the Sorracchi back into the dark, shadow reaches of space. But in their retreat, the Sorracchi landed one final blow to Mankind and the Defense Alliance by stealing away with enough of the slave race to seed their new home. 

Generations have passed, and those descendants have multiplied and spread, now occupying planets of their own, but still struggling beneath the oppression of the Sorracchi who deem themselves masters and rulers. 

Just as the stories tell of the Phoenix rising from the ashes of war, a new rebellion grows to once again fight back and regain their freedom. The Sorracchi were beaten once. They can be beaten again. 

The stories promise one day Earth will come for their lost children. When they do, the Rebellion will be ready.

Part One: Forgive Us Our Debts

After Lady Sarina Octavion fell captive to the Sorracchi Sovereign Empire and imprisoned on Levantin, a decaying space station and prison, The Revolutionist Freedom Fighters attempt to rescue her. Every attempt failed, as her captor Tandeth Joquit revels in his torture of her. She is a symbol to the Revolution and crushing her crushes their resolve more each day.

Left desperate to rescue her, Lord Saron Octavion asks mercenary and ship for hire captain Tanner Kess to rescue her, a job Tanner would never refuse because he owes the House of Octavion more than they even know.

Tanner almost gives up hope in getting her out when he can't locate her amongst the other Uudon-dosed prisoners. When he finally finds her, he is thankful he always prepares for the worst, because her situation is the stuff of nightmares.

Add to that the fact that the Rebellion picks this time to attack the station. Not only does he have guards and Sarina herself to deal with, but gunfire and an aging station ready to shudder apart with the next pulse cannon blast. He has to earn Serina's trust – something that doesn't come easy in the Sorracchi Sovereign Empire – if he has any hope of getting her out alive. By the time all is said and done, they both come out different people… and for the better.


Part Two: As We Forgive

Part Three: Deliver Us From Evil

The Kingdom Come group of novellas can be read alone, without having read the previous books in the Future Possible series. But if you are a fan of all the Future Possible books, you might experience a greater depth of content when reading the novellas. 

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